Our Rent-to-Own Program


We approach homeowners by offering our services to those who haven’t been able to sell but need to sell their home. We offer to buy your property through our Rent-to-own program along with permission for us to sub-lease it to one of our tenant buyers.  We manage the property for you while we guarantee you your monthly payments, up until the completion of the selling of your home. This way you are relieved from having to pay that extra monthly payment. This program is great for motivated sellers who are in a situation where they are paying for two mortgages after they have brought or inherited a second home.

Our buyers are families who are unable to purchase a home because they either have no credit, problems with their credit or they lack the 20% down
payment that most conventional lenders require for them to buy a home. We carefully screen these families to make sure they are potential owners and not renters. This program is set up for families
who are having a hard time getting approved the conventional way.

Once we get a property under contract, we post it on our website under Properties until we place one of our pre-qualified tenant buyers into
the property. This program gives our tenant buyers a chance to become new homeowners by allowing them to work on their credit to get approved for a loan while saving extra money for their closing
cost. At the same time, you get to receive monthly payments without the headaches
of being a landlord.  This is a great way for you to sell your home today.

What Makes a Motivated Seller?

Of course, there are different circumstances and situations in the lives of people that motivate them with the need to sell their homes. This can
include a job transfer, bankruptcy, illness, an upgrade to a larger home, downsizing, inherited a house or simply just need the cash.

Stressed but not Distressed?

Someone who is not in trouble financially, not behind on payments, but motivated for other reasons such as: who has two house payments, inherited a house, who is a burned out landlord, job transferred or just got married and moved in with their spouse, divorced, etc.


Our services are completely free to you.

How Rent-to-Own helps motivated sellers


This program works well for sellers who are willing to take a different approach by considering our rent-to-own programs, especially if you need immediate cash flow to cover the mortgage. You will immediately begin collecting rent from us as your tenant after we place our tenant/buyer into your property for us to manage. This way we will have vested interested in the property and in making sure it gets sold. This program also locks in the sales price that enables you to plan for your financial future. Every month a house sits empty, it is a lost opportunity for homeowners. Making two mortgage payments each month will strain almost any homeowner’s budget. It doesn’t need to be that way when our rent-to-own program is a viable selling method for you.



Our Rent-to-Sell Program


Would you like to sell your home for top value and manage it yourself? Then try our rent to sell program (which we call our Cooperative Lease Option Program).



We specialize in helping Motivated Sellers get their full asking price through our unique rent-to-sell program. The great thing is you will not be in an exclusive contract with us, so you may rent-to-sell and manage your house yourself after we prepare all the necessary paperwork. There are no commissions, no low-ball offers, no closing costs, and there are no seller concessions with this program. Our fee comes directly from the tenant/buyer upfront down payment on your home. Therefore, with this program, you get nearly 100% of your asking price, unlike the typical 80% to 85%


It is our goal to ensure the process of selling your home is a smooth and easy one for you. We strive for a win-win-win situation in all our lease option purchases.

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