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As a full-service company, we will guide you through our rent-to-own program, "the path to becoming a new homeowner".


Renting to owning a home is an alternative pathway to homeownership. In today's housing market, the challenges of buying a home through traditional methods have increased drastically. The rent-to-own process allows potential buyers with a poor credit score or who simply lack the 20% down-payment to have the opportunity to live in their new home while improving their credit and/or resolve other issues that are keeping them from qualifying the conventional way. 


To all potential buyers who decide to go through our Rent-to-Own Programs, get more than just renting a home. You are guaranteed an option to become a homeowner to fulfill your dream by signing a lease with the option to purchase. Rent-to-own is a great alternative:

                   1.) to lock in a price when property values are going up,

                   2.) when you don't have the 20% down payment,

                   3.) when you have problems with your credit,

                   4.) when you don't have enough time on the job,

                   5.) when you have a high Debt-to-Income Ratio.

                   6.) and you need to pay down your debt to lower your DTI, 

you can qualify for a loan to exercise your option to purchase a new home. So, why rent when you can own!


What Rent-to-Own does for Our Tenant/Buyers

What can you do if you don’t have the cash or credit to buy a home right now but want to get in the market before the cost of buying goes higher? You can consider renting to own a home with our rent-to-own program. While this market clearly isn’t as large as the traditional bank mortgage market, the rent-to-own market remains viable under all market conditions.


When you’re tired of paying rent over $1,000 a month and you get nothing more in exchange but a roof over your head, it’s time for you to start looking at other options available. 


Our Rent to own program creates a win-win situation for both you and the seller. Yes, it’s going to cost you a little more to buy with a rent-to-own contract. However, at least you’re buying and no longer throwing your rent money out the window every month.


Rent-to-own is a great option when you have at least 5% saved to pay for the option to purchase, 100% of your upfront option payment goes towards the down payment when you exercise your option to purchase. All you have to qualify for is the difference of what you put down as your option consideration. You can put down as much as you want and it will go towards the purchase price. So, all you have to qualify is the difference and less $100 for each on-time payment.


A person who has “hope” of buying a home and is willing to pay rent with the option to purchase……, can be counted on:


  • Paying their rent on time! (or lose their option to purchase)
  • Paying a slightly higher rent for the option to purchase the property.
  • Handling all the maintenance, clean-up, and repairs.
  • paying a higher retail sale price for the home.


What we require of renters;


To have a qualified full-time job, meaning that you have been on a job at least a year, plus your co-buyer or spouse needs to qualify as well.


To have enough cash to pay an application fee of $40 per person plus a $1,000 deposit. No evictions or Felons within the last 5 years on records. Plus, the tenant must meet other standards that vary from property to property, such as Non-Smokers, No pets, etc. Then once you approved, we require a 5% down for the option to buy plus the 1st month’s rent. The 5% option fee goes towards the purchase price.


Renters Insurance.  Renter's insurance is required and costs you anywhere between $10 to $20 a month from an insurance company of your choice.


Maintenance. We and most owners expect the tenant/buyer to treat their home as their own in terms of keeping up the maintenance. For example; if your toilet plugs up, you as the tenant/buy is responsible as if you already own the home.


The sale is NOT contingent on a Bank Appraisal.


This can be good for the tenant/buyer if the home appraised value raises above the locked-in value because a buyer will end up with added equity due to a locked-in price or it can be bad for the tenant/buyers if the Bank Appraisal is less than the actual sale price in the end. They can go ahead and buy the property if they can come up with whatever additional money is needed. There is no way to determine what an appraised sale price will be in one or two years.


Mortgage Financing: It will be your choice of Bank or Lender who will finance the homes, generally before or at the end of the lease agreement. Financing will be contingent on several factors such as; Lender/Bank approval and Appraisal of property.


Important Notice & Disclaimers: ALL Tenant/Buyers must be responsible to clean up their own credit. If your credit hasn't improved by the end of the Lease/Option we May Not extend your lease. Most tenants/buyers have good intentions, but in the end do not buy the property that they entered into an agreement on, for many varied reasons but the most prevalent reason is that they never did get their credit straight.


What can go wrong? Several things can go wrong, of course, such as; Buyer changes their mind, Buyer does not qualify, Buyer got a divorce, Buyer lost their job and wants any and all extra money they paid back.; …etc. Plus, the home or property may not appraise …or live up to the actual agreed on sale price when it comes time to close the sale.


If it's something you are interested in, we would like for you to fill out an application, then we will interview you along with a criminal background check. Once you are approved, we will need you to make a 5% down payment of the purchase price. You will then move in and lease the property with the option to purchase within a 36 month period. This way you get to test drive your new home before you decide to exercise your option to buy.

So, stop throwing your rent dollars away!

This program gives you a chance to improve your credit score and save extra money for your closing cost. We will help you get into a home even if your credit isn’t great. This program is set up for families who are having a hard time getting approved the conventional way. Our rent-to-own program is a great way for you to buy a home today.

Traditional Bank Qualifying Roadblocks can be challenging:

Buying a residential home using a conventional method requires 20% down, acceptable credit, etc. On the other hand, our program (rent-to-own/lease with an option to purchase), gives you a chance to own a home within 18 months with the minimum requirements of:

  • 5% down for your upfront down payment/option fee, PLUS a full first month's rent
  • Income & Job History Verification
  • Criminal Background Check and
  • Rental History Verification

By qualifying as a tenant/buyer, you increase the likelihood of qualifying for a loan and exercising your option to buy your new home. So, decide now and make your dream come true!


As a tenant/buyer, you win by getting to own a home in a shorter amount of time than it would take if you were trying to buy the conventional way. You will get to immediately occupy your new home while qualifying for a loan. We have created a system to help create the paperwork that mortgage lenders look for when qualifying people for loans to assist with the loan qualification process. In order for you to get a loan from a traditional lender, you got points, closing costs, delays, expenses, and your personal credit on the line. You got so many things that can be avoided. . The best thing is that there is no obligation and no realtor's commission. You can now have a home without the hassle of qualifying for a mortgage the conventional way.


Our staff is at your service to help you address all your property-related concerns. Contact us today to find out how we can make your path to homeownership experience an outstanding one. So, stop and take action now!


We have a Work for Equity Program

Whereas, If you don’t have enough for a 5% down payment, then we have ways for you to earn credits.

  • We have a Work for Equity Program where you can earn credits towards your down payment or purchase price by agreeing to do some or all the repairs on a house. It can be on a house you are looking to purchase or another house we have in our program.
  • You can earn $250 credits through referrals by referring others who become an actual buyer or a seller in our program.
  • And if you refer someone after you become a homeowner, you can earn one month’s payment towards your down payment or purchase price.


Also, we have a VIP Program for those who don’t have enough down payment yet but willing to commit to building up their down payment every pay period.

  • Now, that down payment/option fee goes toward your purchase price only if you exercise your option to purchase. if not, it is non-refundable.

Please click here to view our current inventory if we have any at the time. Again, if you have an interest in any one of the listed properties, you can give us a call to schedule an appointment with us to view the property.


Problems with your credit, No Problem!

If you have problems with your credit, no problem! You need to repair any credit problems and resolve other issues to qualify for a mortgage. We recommend you to sign up with a credit repair company NOW to get a head start in repairing your credit prior to entering into our rent-to-own program. Click here to see how credit repair companies can help you improve your credit. Please do not sign up with the credit repair company we have listed because we are working with a new company and working on updating our website. Thank you!  


Working with a credit repair company is a must if you are serious about renting to own your new home. Look for a reputable company that can often achieve impressive results at rebuilding people's credit.


Your rent-to-own terms will be set for eighteen months but can be less time depending on how soon you repair your credit. As a courtesy, we require a 30-day notice prior to exercising your option to buy or to move out.


Please go to the links below to get your credit report and a free credit score before you are ready to schedule an appointment to see a house. Our potential buyers use these sites because it is widely trusted. Just fill out the form and indicate that you want the report and a copy of your credit score. We aren't interested in the specifics of your credit score. It's more of a formality to ensure you have some form of credit. You can get your credit report by clicking here and you can also get a free credit score by clicking here


When our credit reports have damaging items on them, sometimes the only way to get your credit score high enough to qualify for a mortgage is to get those damaging items off.  This is where credit repair comes in.  A REPUTABLE credit repair company can help you repair your credit and help you remove damaging items from your credit report.  In fact, in cases where a buyer cannot qualify for a mortgage and wants to do a rent-to-own, we almost always recommend they sign up with a credit repair company.


Please click here so you can get a better idea by reading frequently asked questions. 


Please watch the video below and sign up so we can inform you of new listings as we acquire new properties. Thank you and good luck!


Bruce Johnson, Agent

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