We are a property management company serving in Miami-Dade and Broward County of South Florida. Our services are helping homeowners sell their homes while helping potential buyers become homeowners through our rent-to-own programs.


Primetime Property Management was founded by Bruce Johnson, a local real estate investor. Our friendly staff provides top-of-the-line services to motivated sellers and prospective homeowners.  We offer a wide variety of residential homes in prime locations across Miami Dade and Broward County. We have many years of experience in selling, leasing, and managing existing homes. So, please take the time to explore our website and let us help you with a creative way to sell your home or help you with a creative way of buying and becoming a new homeowner. We welcome you to Primetime Property Management for our programs and services.



We have two rent-to-own programs where we guarantee you monthly payments while re-renting or subleasing it to another person (who will actually live in it), or, if you prefer doing it yourself, we can prepare all the paperwork for you to rent-to-sell your own home. Our programs are great for you as a homeowner who would consider accepting monthly payments until we pay you off in full with the exception of agreeable terms. This way you are relieved of having to pay a double mortgage payment in the event that you have to move before you are able to get a buyer for your home. The advantage of selling your home on a lease option over listing it with a realtor is that we make your monthly payments while a tenant/buyer is qualifying for a loan. All your expenses related to the house are taking care of. Try getting a realtor to do that while listing your home!


We buy houses one of two ways, either with all CASH at a Significant Discount or through a Lease with an option to purchase. 


When we buy with all cash we will fix up the property and sell it on a new loan to a new owner. Many times this requires us to do a lot of repairs and bring it up to minimum housing code. We purchase nice homes by guaranteeing a long-term lease with an option to purchase at an agreed-upon price and on an agreed-upon date. This program allows us to pay you much closer to your asking price while providing you with solutions for your immediate and future financial needs. We would be responsible for maintenance and management of the property while you get all the benefits of property ownership. As a seller, please click here to read more information.


On the other hand, we put the dreams of potential buyers in becoming a homeowner by making it easier than ever before within their reach. Our prequalified tenant/buyers get to rent now and have a chance to own a home within 12-24 months while working on qualifying for a loan. It’s a win-win concept for all parties involved.

We work with carefully selected young families who aren’t able to do so without a little help. The families we work with are unable to purchase a home because they either have no credit, problems with their credit or they lack the 20% down payment that most conventional lenders require for them to buy a home. We carefully screen these families to make sure they are potential owners and not renters. It is in our best interest that owners take pride in their home and maintain it at a much higher standard than renters. First, we prequalify all potential end buyers then we screen them carefully while making sure they are interested in buying. Once we get a property under contract we interview each applicant and complete Income & Job History verification, Debt-to-Income Ratio Analysis, Criminal Background Check, and Rental History Verification. 

Rent-to-own/Lease Option is a creative way to go... 

A lease option is a combination of real estate rental, sales, and finance technique that creates a property lease for a fixed time period with an option for the tenant to buy the property at an agreed option price during the lease term. We can offer you monthly payments by entering you into one of our Rent-to-Own programs until one of our Tenant/Buyers qualifies for a loan. This way we would be working between you and the tenant/buyer, which we call a "Sandwich Lease Option".



This is PRIMETIME for homeowners and Potential Buyers to get a jump on this unique strategy, especially with the downturn of the economy and the fact that banks are not lending to too many people. Many people have been willing to turn to different strategies rather than the traditional approach. "Rent-to-Own" is also known as Lease Option or Lease Purchase. It is a creative way for potential buyers to buy a house, even if a buyer doesn't qualify the conventional way. Meaning it’s a great opportunity to become a homeowner if a buyer is having a hard time qualifying for a loan or does not have enough money to put down. Our rent-to-own program is a win-win concept for both our buyers and sellers.


A Lease with an option to purchase is Popular for Potential Buyers...


Our rent-to-own strategy appeals to potential buyers with little or no money for a down payment, problems with their credit, no credit, or otherwise can't currently qualify for a conventional loan. This includes people who may have had a foreclosure, short sale, or a bankruptcy on their credit history. The waiting period for them to qualify for a Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac mortgage has been shortened, but many people are only months from being able to obtain a mortgage through our programs. These are people who want to buy and willing to lease with an option to purchase. Also, you as a potential buyer get to move your family into desirable neighborhoods. This is a unique way of helping you as a potential buyer to qualify for your new home today. As a buyer, please click here to read more information.


If you are a Realtor and looking to sell, buy or help someone else, please click here for more information.


We recommend that if you have any doubts or real concerns, you should have all documents reviewed by a Real Estate Attorney and/or obtain professional advice before signing any agreement.


We would consider it an honor to discuss our services in person. Please let us show you how we can manage and buy your house or sell you a house today. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best wishes!!!!


*Disclosure: Primetime Property Management, LLC is not the sole owner of any of the photo images within this website. All photos are used to illustrate the function of how our Cash Offer and Rent to Own Program works.

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