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Primetime Property Management provides you with a wealth of opportunity and services to increase your profit with your current and future deals. This program allows you to focus more time with other sellers or buyers.


We can save you a lot of stress and headaches with:

  • a reduced quantity of expired or soon to be expired listings,
  • quicker eligibility for buyers,
  • less paperwork,
  • less showings, phone calls and listings,
  • fewer meetings, less time
  • having an exit strategy.

And most of all, you can get something rather than nothing, by allowing us to assist you with one of our creative ways on closing deals by referring them to us.


Primetime Property Management is committed to helping sellers, potential buyers and realtors by offering a unique service. We strive to help people with their real estate needs.

We specialize in helping people sell their houses by using a lease with the option to purchase or by simply making a CASH offer. We are here to help you as a realtor with your expired or soon to be expired listings.




We can help you salvage your long D.O.M. properties, expired or soon to expire listings. We can help you make money from clients who are willing to accept payments until we are ready to buy through our rent-to-own program. We market the property at the highest end of comps. By working with us, we give you and your clients more options!! Now, you can have more services to offer your clients through our program.


We can save you part of your commission by paying you 1.5% of the purchase price. We pay you up front when the initial contract is signed with one of our tenant-buyers. We can list your soon to be expired listings at the same time, this way they will be listed two ways. If you find a buyer first, then we will rip up our lease option contract with the seller. If we find someone first, then we will do a lease option (rent-to-own), make monthly payments and purchase the property at a later date. 


It is not subject to the Dodd Frank Act.


1. How many of your clients have their home priced too high and they aren't getting any showings? For example: They want 300k but the comps support 280k, etc. If your clients have said: "If my house doesn't sell, I may need to rent it out", this is a good indication to call us so we can help you and your clients. We can make an offer to buy their house closer to today’s market value and take care of the rest. When we lease option a house, we guarantee in writing that all maintenance and minor repairs will be paid by us up to an agreed amount. They will be relieved of having to pay two mortgage payments in the event they have to move before they are able to get a buyer for their home. When they use our program, your clients will get the best thing for them: PRICE, CONVENIENCE & SECURITY. So, stop letting your selling leads go to waste.


When would a client be able to accept a lease option? Here are some situations: 

  1. 1.) They don’t need their cash out yet, but would like to either have cash flow or  

    their payment made.
  2. 2.) They have very little (i.e. financed near 100%) have very little (i.e financed near 100%)

This program is for sellers who can accept payments now until we are able to purchase their home. If it sounds like something you may be interested in, let us know when you have a motivated seller that needs to sell and be relieved from that extra payment. 




2. On the other hand, we can offer something similar for your buyers after we place them into one of our available properties. So, have you ever had a potential buyer come into your office and not be qualified to get a mortgage? Don't throw away their information. Refer them to us, and if we end up renting to them, we will pay you $500.


So, is it a piece of garbage or $500?


This offer is valid for a limited time.


Please call us at 305-707-7141 to get more information and/or fill out the information below so we can help you with your expired listings or potential buyers leads.Thank you!


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